Week 5: A call to the full community to crystallize our thinking (well, at least for the moment)

We’ve reached our final week. It’s been a great, engaging learning journey for us. And what we mean by “us” is all of us – from the lurkers (“samplers?”), to the well-intended (“I wanted to participate more but…”), and to the intrepid #xplrpln’ers who are putting the final touches on their case artifacts.

This week we invite all of you — all of you — no matter what level of participation you represent, to help us crystallize our thinking about PLNs and organizations. Our call to the community:

For those of you who complete an artifact in answer to our case problem. We aren’t awarding badges or certificates. But you will become the inaugural members of Kimberly and Jeff’s XPLRPLN Hall of Fame – and recognized on this blog. (We know – pretty amazing isn’t it? Won’t your now-PLN-knowledgable-mothers be proud?).

Seriously we all owe you a round of applause. We invite the community to join us in sharing appreciation visibly in our Google+ Community and on Twitter.

For those of you who do not complete an artifact in answer to our case problem. Share your thinking. Where did you start 5 weeks ago? Where are you now? Make a point of attempting to crystallize your thinking. Commit to a point of view – even if you truly believe there is more to be discussed and you will ultimately modify your point of view.

For everyone. Share your reflections by posting directly to our Google+ community or linking to your blog (or whatever) to the Google+ community.

Post final case artifacts to the category: Final case artifacts

Post all other thinking or reflections to category: Closing reflections


  • Final video broadcast/virtual classroom session at 8 pm Central Time (Chicago) on Tuesday, Nov 5. See the Event notification in the Google+ Community for the link and instructions.
  • Final #xplrpln Twitter Chats at 8 pm Central Time (Chicago) on Wednesday, Nov. 6 and 1 pm Central Time (Chicago) on Thursday, Nov. 7.


  • By Monday, Nov. 4 (preferable – but post when you can), post final case artifacts to the category: Final case artifacts
  • Post all other thinking or reflections to category: Closing reflections

Our Reflections – and a note about continuing community

The “well, at least for the moment” reference in the headline on this blog post is in recognition of two things.

First, we certainly continue to evolve our own thinking about the topic of PLNs and organizations. The topic fascinates us because it raises so many questions and issues about learning, organizations and change that are worth additional exploration. But we find that creating these moments where we must openly reflect – to crystallize our thinking – is one of the most important learning activities in which we can engage. Even if our point of view is modified by “at the moment…”

Second, we are contemplating how we might continue this community. Our plans have always been to make the current Google+ xplrpln community a temporary space. At the conclusion of the seminar (end of next week) we will stop adding new members to our G+ space. The community will remain open to all of you as an archive, and you may certainly re-share content as you wish. However, we will not maintain the current site as an on-going community.

At the same time, we are very interested in building upon the conversations started here and sharing resources, research, and inviting new voices into the network. Another (different) on-going Google+ Community that is more broadly scoped (networked learning and beyond) seems appropriate. Help us think through this. What would be valuable to you? Please share your ideas in a post on our #xplrpln G+ Community Closing Reflections space.