Week 2: Exploring technology, networks and communities in the service of learning

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Time: 6:30 mins.
A few thoughts as we head into week 2 of the 6-week open section of #msloc430 (video recorded Feb. 1, 2015).

  • Where we are on the #msloc430 roadmap
  • A suggestion: Continue exploring – but let’s add a wee-bit of convergence.
  • An example: What are the unique features of Community of Inquiry? What makes it distinct from a cMOOC?
  • How we might approach building out the shared Google document for weeks 1 – 2.

(And for those of you not familiar with Chicago winter weather – yes, that was a joke about today’s blizzard being a “surprise.”)

Twitter Chat Feb. 5

A reminder that we’ll have our first Twitter chat (hashtag #msloc430) from 8:00 PM Central Time U.S. until 9:00 PM Central Time.

Graduate students in the Master’s Program in Learning & Organizational Change class (MSLOC 430) will join in and help facilitate the discussion. New to Twitter chats? So are many of us. You’ll be in good company. An expert? Join in and help everyone find a little gem of an idea or new resource.

Highlights from Week 1

We introduced ourselves. (Who wouldn’t want to hang out with this community? Really.)

We have a Tagboard as well as a Storify that captures much of the discussion of week 1 (thanks to my colleague and constant source of inspiration, Keeley Sorokti).

Nona Gormley created a shared Google document table to help define distinctions among concepts we’re covering. Maureen Crawford dissected the term “MOOC;” Mitra Emad debunked the MOOC monster under the bed; Sahana Chattopadhyay made an argument for “cognitive diversity” in our personal learning networks; and Jennifer Rainey contributed to the diverse-voices theme by sharing Ethan Zuckerman’s Ted Talk “Listening to Global Voices.”

And criss-crossing all this were many threads and bread crumbs (as Tanya Lau might say) laid down across blogs and discussion threads. You all know who you are. Thank you for providing the sparks that light the community.

Week 2: One path to follow

A suggestion on how we might move toward a wee bit of convergence as we close out our 2-week exploration of technology, networks and communities in the service of learning:

Perhaps 2 or 3 or 4 of you might want to co-write one small section of the shared Google document that is designed to capture definitions of the concepts we’re exploring as well as additional resources and readings. We’ll set up a discussion thread in MSLOC430 Enterprise Social Networking so you can find out who might be interested in collaborating on particular topics.

Let’s say we’d like to get a first version of the document completed by sometime on Tuesday, Feb. 10. The document can serve as a footprint in the sand (or snow, if you live in Chicago). It’ll show where we’ve been, at least up to this point.

Week 2: Lurking and following your own path

It’s still ok to just lurk. And explore. And don’t feel bad if you feel “behind.” There is no “behind.” There are just footprints and paths.


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