Week 4: Exploring technology, networks and communities in the service of work

In the video

Time: 5:38 mins.

A few thoughts as we head into week 4 of the 6-week open section of #msloc430 (video recorded Feb. 15, 2015).

  • We’re one week away from when we start to think about new ways to innovate based on review of several models during weeks 1-4.
  • Can we describe the essence of ideas such as crowdsourcing, open design, working-out-loud and communities of practice in one sentence? One tweet? Or a quick drawing on the back of a napkin? How we might try that during this upcoming week.
  • My take on describing the essence of the brainstorming phase of Open IDEO.

A Twitter assignment challenge: Week of Feb. 16

Let’s use Twitter and the #msloc430 hashtag all week to do the following challenge (also noted in the video):

  • Pick one or more of the innovations we are covering in weeks 3-4: crowdsourcing, idea management, open design, working-out-loud or communities-of-practice.
  • Describe it in one sentence (or one Tweet). Explain how it works, or some element of it that is essential to how it works. Or describe it in a way that captures the essence of the innovation. Not a word person? Draw a sketch or diagram. Post a photo of that sketch or diagram.

Here’s an example from earlier this week:

The description isn’t comprehensive – but it certainly gets at elements of communities of practice that make them what they are (learning, change and work practice).

Let’s see how clever we can all be this week. Or call on the clever people you know in your networks. Whatever you do (sentence, drawing, etc.) post it on Twitter to #msloc430. Check our Tagboard to keep track.