Week 6: Innovating new, networked approaches to organizational work and learning (continued)

Introduction to Week 6

Tell us: What is your big idea?

We’d like that question to frame the next week (or more) of posts to be shared in MSLOC430 Enterprise Social Networking (our Google Community). It’s already begun with a few posts from graduate students in the on-site section of MSLOC 430. Nikki Bussard shares an idea for a personal learning network tool; Foram Soni shares a model for combining ideation and communities of practice; Carly Mulliken explores potential uses of working out loud; and Kate Cohen explores using MOOC designs for internal training.

Each of these emerges from looking at a variety of innovations in networked learning and work. We’ve explored networked learning, MOOCs, Community of Inquiry and Personal Learning Networks (see the document Technology, Networks and Communities in the Service of Learning). We’ve also explored crowdsourcing, idea management and open design, Communities of Practice and working out loud (see the document Technology, Networks and Communities in the Service of Work).

The question we now wish to look at:

How might we apply these models of networked learning and work in new ways, in new combinations, to meet the challenges and opportunities facing our organizations?

Share. Comment. Build and improve.

Activities for this concluding phase of our six-weeks:

  1. Share you big ideas. How might you address organizational challenges or opportunities by applying the models we’ve explored in new ways or in new combinations?
  2. Comment on the ideas shared by others. What comes to mind as you review the idea? How might we build off of it? Modify or improve it?


The on-site section of MSLOC 430 ends on March 12.

The Google Community will remain open to continue exploring innovative ideas.

In early April, a new class of students for the on-site section of MSLOC 430 will begin. The work that we’ve done over the past six weeks will be used as the starting point for that group to continuing creating new “big ideas.”

Watch this blog for announcements of new activities as we move through April and May.