Privacy and use of information

This is an open event designed and facilitated by us because we are scholar-practitioners interested in both this topic and this open form of learning. It is not a formal program associated with Northwestern University or the Master’s Program in Learning & Organizational Change (our employer).

Having said that, we do wish to be clear about our intent in using various types of information that will be gathered or produced during the event.

Email addresses (gathered during registration)

In the registration form, we ask that you share your name and an email address that the facilitators can use to send you information about this event as well as invitations to use our online seminar workbooks and self-assessments. Your email address will not be used for any purposes other than this event administration, and it will not be shared with or sold to any individuals or organizations.

Twitter handles and blog urls

We will gather Twitter handles and blog urls and publish them in public spaces to assist participants in making connections. Twitter handles will be listed in a public Twitter list under the @NU_MSLOC account; you (or any one else) may view or follow this list as a Twitter user. Blog urls will be published in a list on this blog site; you (or any one else) may view this list and use it to follow fellow bloggers.

We (the facilitators) will not use these lists for purposes outside of this seminar.

Research associated with this seminar

You may be invited to participate in a formal research project associated with this event. Your participation is entirely optional. Choosing not to participate will in no way impact the value you receive from participation. It is simply an opt-in option. The invitation will spell out specific details about what information will be gathered and how it will be used. But assume a high degree of confidentiality required by formal academic research projects.

We may also use some of the public content you create on blogs, in the Google+ Community and on Twitter to conduct additional research and analysis. For example: Twitter chats generate information that can be used to produced network diagrams (who is connecting with whom) and show patterns of communications. We actually hope that this seminar produces rich patterns of connection – that is part of the intent. Blog post and discussion content also can be analyzed to understand perceptions and insights about the topic of PLNs or about participant enthusiasm about specific issues. If we do use public Twitter, blog and Google+ content and this results in a research paper or presentation, our intention is to remove names or other personal identifiers to the best of our ability. It will be public, open information so total anonymity is difficult to guarantee. In all cases, however, our intent is to respect the trust you provided us in this learning event.