The next thing: Learning and Change

Exploring PLNs: Practical Issues for Organizations was a wonderful 5-week adventure. Now, of course, we want to do more. Who wouldn’t want to, after all of the positive, encouraging remarks from our participants?

We’ve started by opening up a new Google+ Community called Learning and Change. We invite you to join. Our presence on Twitter (#xplrpln and other hashtags) and here on this blog also will continue, with an expanded focus.

The new Learning and Change community is designed to allow us to continue exploring the questions and issues we considered during #xplrpln — and we have created three additional topic categories that are of interest to us as we explore the intersection of learning and change, and how best to prepare organizational leaders and learners for the future.

Much like how we started #xplrpln, these topic categories are driven by questions we think are worth exploring together:

Networked Learning. This is the community category under which we will continue to explore personal learning networks and other forms of digital networked learning (MOOCs, virtual communities, communities-of-practice, etc.) as they apply to workplaces.

Designing for Change. This is both about the designed thing (workplace practices, systems, spaces) and understanding how the design process may impact how we approach continuous change. How does “design thinking” help us create more sustainable approaches to workplace learning and change challenges?

Learning and Strategy. How do we rethink the relationship between “learning” and an organization’s capability to both develop and execute strategy (or mission)? At the macro level, the relationship between individuals and their workplaces continues to change (e.g., contingent work force, knowledge workers who are more tied to their profession than the organization, etc.). “Learning” as a field of practice also is evolving. What does this mean to the relationship between learning and strategy?

Horizon Watching. What else is out there – new trends, emerging practices or modes – to which we should pay attention? In our Conference Board Future Leaders Conference presentation, we made the point that we should be looking ahead not only to Web 3.0, but preparing for Web Whatever.0 as the constantly evolving learning landscape is difficult to predict.

Of course, these questions simply help us create a starting point. Through our new, expanded community and on-going sharing via Twitter and blogs, our intention is to identify a more focused topic or question that would draw enough interest to convene another open, online seminar modeled after #xplrpln.

Why? Because we like the adventure.

Many thanks again to everyone who participated in #xplrpln!

Jeff Merrell & Kimberly Scott